October 31st

On this glad and joyous day, almost 500 years ago, Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the door of the Catholic church. I wonder if he knew what would be come of that piece of paper.... Thank God for this brave hero in our Church's History!

Happy Reformation

"Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith apart from the deeds of the law."
Romans 3:28


From the notebook....

Bring some green into your day,
Though outside, it may look gray;
Let there be much joy inside,
And happy thoughts, in your mind.
Copyright-October, 2007


A random post.....

I feel that every blog at some time or another has a random post. This blog, therefore, must have one too. I think that a random post starts forming in the blog author's mind as he or she types, and a random post hardly ever is thought out ahead of time. A random post is written when a blog author is in desperate need of ideas and posts, and thus concocts a written thingy of no sense or importance. They normally ramble on about random things, and often repeat themselves. Possibly them use bad grammar, two. Or, they could come up with their own words for funnification, only to make their posts sound so important and biggened. Then their paragraphs start sounding like this one, in that they ramble on and on with repetition. Perhaps their post ( that are indeed random) never get this bad, yet perhaps one does and ends up sounding like this completely with.........
On a different note, I couldn't believe that no one chose pink! Haven't you ever heard of a pink turtle? I mean, come on, didn't you ever read about them in Science books, you know all about their habits of eating food with their feet, and catching shrimp on their tails, which, by the way, are a lovely size, in that they look almost like a beavers. And didn't you ever read about how they lived in North America, and came close to extinction, because the Indians thought they were so flavorful they made "soup of the evening, beautiful soup"?
I have now put a new poll on my blog, in the hopes that you will be able to answer it with more ease than before. Perhaps, just perhaps......


From the notebook....

The girl at the table sat straight and tall,
Her paper and pencil set before her;
But, my, she did run when she heard a call,
And down went the pencil and paper.

The paper fluttered and fell under the table,
Where the cat tore it to bits;
The pencil rolled as far as it was able;
It fell on the floor and there it sits.
Copyright-October 2007

I new that I needed a new post when one of my readers suggested writing about "sausage and pancakes." If I'm such a desperate state that I have to write about food, then I have to post some thing, I'm sure! Thus, I decided to give this poem that I wrote when I was supposed to be doing school yesterday, to the general public. :-)


From the notebook....

When all around you is golden,
Both leaf and grass and fern,
And yet the sky is holdin',
Such clouds so big and gray,
Do you think it will take a turn,
And make a green-looking day?

For in the summer when it is warm,
And every thing is dry,
Does not the sun do harm,
Which is quickly mended,
By rain that falls from the sky?

And does not all the brown,
Give way unto a green?
Therefore, stop your frown,
For though this isn't the same,
It will somehow and some way,
Give way to green, another day.

Fall will pass,
Then Winter too,
And soon the lovely greenish hue,
Of spring, will reign again.



Here is a short story of silliness. I wrote it one afternoon when I was feeling, well, silly! I arranged so that it was an older brother making up a silly story for his little sister, because I think that works best. that way, also, I can blame my silly story on the brother, John, instead of admitting that I wrote it. :-) And here is the result.....

"Tell me a story!" Lucy squealed.
"Alright," John replied. And this is the story he told:

Jack and Susie took a horse to get to the park.
"Great fun, huh?" Jack asked.
"Yes," Susie replied. "Greatest fun ever had!"
"Indeed!" Ruth exclaimed at the back of the horse.
"How did you get here?" Jack asked in surprise.
"Oh, I just grabbed onto the horse's tail," Ruth explained.
"What'd you do that for?" Susie asked.
"Yeah, all our fun is ruined!" Jack cried. The tears poured down his cheeks.
"Don't cry Jacky-boy!" Susie said, and Ruth offered him a tissue. Jack took the tissue and fed it to the horse.
"I feel better already!" Jack declared.
"And I feel worse!" Susie cried. "Seeing horses eat tissues makes me feel sick!"
Jack looked sad. Then he knew what to do. He picked a flower in the grass nearby, and handed it to Susie. Susie handed it to Rick.
"Thanks so much!" Rick cried, and kissed her hand. His hand leaned against a tree, and his light-saber, and shield lay on the grassy river bank. His armor gleamed with shoe polish in the hot sun.
"Let's go to the park now," Ruth said impatiently.
"Okay," Susie agreed. Jack led the two of them down to the park. They enjoyed it a lot. Then they started back for home. Just as they were crossing a stream, a ferocious lobster jumped out from the bushes, and started chasing the horse! It's hideous blue body swayed from side to side, as it started after it's prey. Rick's sharper-than-ever light saber flashed out and through the lobster's belly.
"My hero!" Susie cried. Rick cut the lobster's rattles off and handed them to Ruth.
"My playmate!" said Ruth. Rick cut the lobster's teeth and claws off, and handed them to Jack.
"My buddy!" Jack cried. The happy four-year-olds gazed into each other's eyes, and knew they would always be friends.
"Even though we've known Rick for over 18 years, we have never been such close friends, I'm sure!" Susie said. At last, the ten of them reached the blue house on the hill. It was Ruth and Susie's house. Jack's grandmother lived there, too. They munched on cheese curls and lemonade, when suddenly, Ruth cried,
"Look! General Washington is marching by!"
"We won the Civil War!" Jack hollered.
"Won't President Kennedy be so happy?" Susie said, with delight shining in her eyes.
"You should go to bed, it's 10:00 PM," Jack's grandmother wisely advised. All five children marched upstairs obediently and lay inside their cribs, crying like babies.

"Oh, John!" Lucy said. "Can't you ever tell me nice stories that make sense?"
"Maybe," John replied with a twinkle in his eye. "You see, I've never tried." He took his sister's hand, and they went downstairs for dinner.

And thus it ends.... :-)

Copyright- 2007

From the notebook....

See the leaves so gold and crimson?
Showing the colors of a bright autumn;
Look and see a day so beautiful;
Can you believe it's only just begun?
It is looking gray right now..... I think we might have rain. Yet all the leaves and ferns and grasses are showing their colors more vividly then I seem to remember. Look at all the beauty in creation. Is there any other god like our God, so great and awesome?

From the notebook....

The rain falls gently to the ground;
Silently; silently,
It makes almost no sound.

The clouds let the rain fall;
Gently; gently,
On the great trees so tall.
A small bit of poetry to start the day....

Post - The First

I'm not sure what to write for my very first post, but I feel that it ought to be some thing big and wonderful. I think, then , that I will write something out of the most wonderful Book of all.
O God, You are my God; early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You in a dry and thirsty land where there is no water. So I have looked for You in the sanctuary, to see Your power and Your glory. Psalm 63:1-2
I hope that I will look back at this post later on and be encouraged by this psalm. Since I am not very experienced in writing blog posts, this will have to do for now. :-)