The Tragedy of Tiffany Red.

Tiffany Red was a red blood cell. She lived in the vast expanse of Blood Vessels, and enjoyed frequent trips through the heart.
One day, as she was making her daily rounds to provide organs and other cells with oxygen and nutrients, she caught sight of a handsome white blood cell. He was carousing lazily along when she spotted him. Tiffany gazed in admiration at him. But she couldn't stop. She had a job to do. As she passed through the liver and heart again, all she could think of was the handsome blood cell she had seen.
As Tiffany reached the end of her round, a dreadful cry went up. Some invading bacteria threatened to take the life of the body they all worked for. If the body died, then that would be the end of the blood cells, too.
Tiffany gasped in alarm at the news. She saw a menacing capsule of bacteria making its way towards her. There was no time to redirect her course!
Out of nowhere, the handsome white blood cell she had seen earlier swooped down and killed the bacteria. A great mass of the bacteria's friends rushed at him in anger, but he stood fast. When the invaders had at last been terminated, he engulfed them and toppled over in death.
His self-sacrifice drove Tiffany to tears, and stirred the very nuclei of his comrades.
The Army of the White Blood Cells swore to never forget the brave white cell or the bacteria that destroyed it, and prepared to execute vengeance on the bacteria should they ever return. They never did forget. Always were the antibodies circulating the blood, watching for the moment when they could avenge their brave white blood cell friend.
Tiffany drooped sadly as she carried out her job. The tears had cost her the whole supply of water she had held, and she was caught by the liver on her next round and sent to the spleen for dismantling.

Disclaimer: this is my biology-book's fault. I don't even like learning about anatomy.


"The Dumbest Generation"

The book sat in the pile of other library books my dad had borrowed. Its title was composed of the encouraging words: "THE DUMBEST GENERATION (by Mark Bauerlein)." Intrigued, I lifted the book and opened its cover. Inside, I was greeted by a host of statistic; "this many 12 graders failed this test," "this many college students couldn't name the three branches of government," you get the picture.
So what was the point of this book? It was to encourage more people under 30 to read and be involved in more activities other than TV and video games. A worthy cause to write a book on. But there seems to be a disconnect in the head of the author. Why would some one encourage reading due to the lack thereof, in a book form?
Either the poor guy is part of that dumb generation and doesn't realize it, or he wrote it for the concerned parents of nonreaders? Let's hope its the latter.


The inconsistency of truth

Truth is whatever you want to believe is true. Therefore, you can interpret Scripture anyway you choose. Truth is always changing, therefore there is no definite truth.

You pause a moment and reread what I wrote above. "What is wrong with this girl?" you ask yourself in alarm. Before you click that reassuring red "x" at the top of the window, to make this page completely vanish from all but your memory, please allow me to explain.

The sentences I wrote were ones I concocted after reading various books. A science fiction series, a history book going through the separation of science and religion and the developing of cults, and a book I am reading by Martin Lloyd Jones, not to mention my own observations of the world, were what inspired me to write those sentences. So why did I write them?

I was suddenly annoyed after seeing the phrases repeated all throughout the world. I observed them, and realized the contradictoriness of the phrases. If truth is always changing and there is no definite truth, than what do we call that which we have just determined? We claim there is no truth, and in that, have declared a truth.
Suddenly, my annoyance disintegrated. I felt so moved for the people who are constantly living on the basis of the shifty phrase. I wanted to do something for them; show them where they are wrong and point them to the real, unchanging Truth; the Source of hope to a bleak life.

But how is one to reach into the lives of people across the world? The only way I know of is.... through this blog. So here is this post. I pray that this post was not a jumble of words, and that it helped you, reader, saved or not.