Hardware Store

Scene: a small hardware store

A tall old Gentleman entered the tiny hardware shop, and looked around with a dignified manner. Picking up a wrench, he turned to the cashier and asked, "What kind of silverware is this? The tongs are too large for a fork, it doesn't appear to cut well, and it has a tremendous hole in its middle, rendering it useless as a spoon."
"That, good sir, is a wrench," the cashier replied with some difficulty. "It is used for tightening and loosening bolts and nuts."
"A nutcracker, is it?" the gentleman said. "It seems handy enough. I'll take ten."
"Yes, sir. Any thing else?"
"We have yet to see. now then, what's this?" the gentleman asked, picking up a saw. "An unusual bread knife, to be sure. My cook is always complaining about the flimsiness of bread knives, but this knife is anything but flimsy! I'll take a couple of them."
"I don't think you'll want to cut bread with that, sir. It will cut through your table too, and-" the cashier was interrupted by the gentleman, once more inquiring about a certain object.
"What good is a pair of tweezers in this size?" he demanded brandishing a pair of pliers.
"Tweezers, sir?"
"Yes, tweezers! I suppose if you had a large splinter stuck in your toe, these would pull it right out."
"Indeed, it may pull off your toe as well," the cashier said, trying to look calm.
"Let's see, what else have you got for sale here?"
"Well, we have a nice extension cord in the corner there."
"Extension cord, you say?" the gentleman looked surprised. "I didn't realize you sold jewelry here as well!"
"Jewelry, sir?" it was now the cashier turn to be surprised.
"Yes, my wife's necklaces are forever too small, and she is always saying that she needs them extended in order to fit her properly. It appears to me that some fellow had the idea of making special cords to extend them for you," the gentleman replied with a calm air. "I'm assuming that these are what you are referring to?" he held up an extension for the chains on ceiling fans.
"Er, yes, or something similar, I guess....." the cashier stuttered.
"Good! I'll take two in this pattern, and three in that pattern over there."
"As you wish, sir," the cashier said weakly.
"Now then, what's next?" the gentleman asked, but much to the cashier's relief answered the question himself. "Ah, this is what I am really needing! Look at these sheets! They won't wear out for ages!"
"I'm sure of that," the cashier replied, and I won't tell you how anxious he was feeling at that moment. "That is oil cloth, and one of its uses is making sails for sail boats."
"You have boats on sale?" the gentleman looked confused. "I don't want any boat! I want to know how much these sheets are!"
"I said that these sheets can be made into sales," the cashier said, turning red.
"Oh! they're on sale! I'll get an extra set of them then."
"They'll make very uncomfortable bedsheets, sir, as they are so stiff!"
"And why can't this generation stand a little discomfort, I wonder?" the gentleman replied some what annoyed. "Us older people are the only ones with sense nowadays!"
"Anything more, sir?"
"No, that will be all," the gentleman replied, and thus the two parted, the gentleman heading for home with his purchases tucked under his arm, and the cashier to laugh till he hurt. Though, honestly, I wonder what he was laughing at.
Copyright- May 29, 2008


From the Notebook....

Slick and slow
is Jacob Joe;
Sharon, his sister,
has a big blister.

Fred, their friend,
is truly worth ten;
His mother, Mary,
ate a red cherry.

Her husband Henry
fumed, "It isn't funny!"
But Larry did laugh.
He couldn't solve math,

So he left the figuring
To smart Sally, singing,
"By Bicklesby Barn,"
On the Ferguson's farm

Said Jacob Joe,
"My, what a great show!"
Said Fred, his friend,
"Too bad it's the end."
Copyright May 27, 2008


Have you ever considered our grand heritage? The work poured into the Constitution; the wars fought for independence, in which, men sacrificed their lives for the country. Why? Because all that they knew and loved was in our country. They felt that their lives were worth dying if it was to bring independence and safety to America. They asked in return that we do our duty, and remain loyal.
"It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us - that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion - that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain - that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom - and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." ~Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address.

This speech was given after the Civil War, but it could refer to any war that ever happened in our history (e.g. The War for Independence, the War of 1812, World War I and II, the Vietnam war, The Iraq war, etc.), and any sacrifice done out of love for this country. Are we letting those who have given their lives and their all to purchase our freedom and further our comfort be fully honored and respected by us?
Honestly, I know not the answer to this question. The best way we could honor them is by enjoying the result of their labor, and by striving to do the same. Are we doing this? There are two questions we need to ask ourselves,
1. Are we spending too much of our time complaining about the price of food or what not to enjoy our nation's abundance, and rejoice that God has blessed her through the labor of others?

Are we lazily sitting around, and wanting others to do the work for us, or are we taking up the call to work, and to work heartily?

I used to think, "Why should we serve our country? We should serve God." I didn't realize I was missing the point. One of the ways I can serve God is through serving my country. I can serve Him by doing my work heartily and as unto Him, and my country will benefit from that.
How can we serve the country? Simply by doing our best in the work around us and inspiring others to do the same. Both the mom working in the home for her family, and the soldier on the battlefield are serving the country. We can also serve America by praying for her, and preaching the Gospel, for it needs to be heard! We can obey the laws set by the government and respect those in the leadership unless the laws go against the Word of God.
Therefore, let me encourage you to do your best in all your work for God's glory, and the people around you will benefit (and possibly be encouraged to do likewise), and through that, the country will also benefit.

Note: I didn't mean for this to be so long and dry, in fact, I never planned to write anything so dry on my blog! I got a little carried away after reading the Gettysburg address in my grammar book, and simply had to get out my thoughts about it somewhere. Therefore, don't take my post too seriously, as I am hardly a politician of any sort. :)


Prince Caspian - book v. movie

Prince Caspian, for those of you who don't know is the second book in the series The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis. Walden Media and Walt Disney are currently working together to recreate Narnia in a movie series based on the books.
So, I went to see Prince Caspian yesterday, and was one of the privileged few to see it on it's opening day. I was told that I had to write a blog post comparing the movie to the book. This, you must understand, is a much harder task than I expected, because the two are so different that the only thing they have in common is that they both have a prince named "Caspian." (Okay, a slight exaggeration......) But I am wondering how to start this. :)
The basic plots of the two are comparatively different; I think the movie has been "electrified," meaning that such additions as a night raid on King Miraz's castle and having Caspian actually be chased by soldiers during his escape for King Miraz appear.
The attitudes of Peter and Caspian are different from the book, as well. Peter is thinking of himself as high king once more, and a constant strife is between him and Caspian from their very meeting. It is soon cleared up, however, in a nice fashion, and you come away feeling satisfied. Edmund is as good a fighter as he is in the books and keeps his character very well. Lucy does about the same. Caspian has a sort of revenge for his uncle, which he has in the book, but here it is more prominent. He is struggling with trying to be better than his uncle was as a king, and finding it difficult.
The seemingly unimportance of Aslan continues, and this is rather disappointing. For example, instead of coming earlier like in the book, he has to be "wooed" to come, or so it would seem. You certainly don't get the idea of him being an untamed lion. The part where he throws Trumpkin up into he air is missing. However, he still heals Reepicheep's tail, and that is something that only Aslan could do.
Queen Pruniprissmea is missing her red hair, and is too pretty for her part. King Miraz is more crafty than bad-tempered, as he is in the book.
Edmund's electric torch is still present, and has a very important (and humorous) role in the movie. The torch still claims the last bit of attention in the movie.
"I left my new torch in Narnia!"

This movie, for all of its changes, was better than the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and is fun to watch. They managed to weave humor throughout the whole movie, taking away the fear and desperate feelings a child might have after watching a violent battle scene, and offering older people an almost comedy. I highly recommend it for families with, or without children.


Happy Mother's Day!

I saw that a bird was singing,
A song so very sweet;
It voice went on ringing,
Through the green-hued forest.

The little violets quivered,
Under a breezy touch;
Ever slightly I shivered,
In the cool wind.

Then to my amazement I heard,
What every flower said,
And sang the tiny bird:
"God be blessed for morning;

"Glory to God for all of His deeds;
May He ever be praised!
For He has provided for our needs,
And will do so for as long as we live!"

Then, I felt a happy thrill,
For they added a prayer to their song;
"God bless all the mothers who still
Love and care for their families.

"God bless the women in this world,
Who yet remain faithful, and love Him;
Who obey His infallible Word;
And do everything for His Glory!"

Mum, thank you for loving me and encouraging me to use my gifts for the glory of God. Thank you for the rebukes you gave to me when I went astray; thank you for time you devoted to my care. Thank you for the giggling conversations I have been able to enjoy with you, and thank you for training me in the way of the Lord. :)