Snow..... again?

"Spring?" I asked in great surprise.
"What then is this white stuff
That doth fall from the skies?"

"Of course!" come back the cries.
"We heard from the robin...
Robin's never tell lies!"

"Maybe so, but I don't know!
Spring feels funny,
When you have heaps of snow."


My account went caboom!

I am writing today to apologize for the great lack of posts, and to inform you that they probably won't be as frequent as I would like. The reason? Simple. My account's profile disappeared on me. I have to use someone else's account (or my account on the laptop that is in desperate need of updates, which I keep on forgetting we own). :-) Until this can be fixed, I think my posting will be more irregular than it has been (how can it possibly get more irregular? you ask). :-D
In the mean time, may I wish Dad a very Happy Belated Birthday, and rejoice with everyone over the beginning of spring!
Farewell for now!


THE SCIENCE OF..... sleepiness

I have discovered the secrets contained in my science book. I'm not talking about the information in it. I'm talking about what's weaved into all of those facts and scientific equations. No matter what part of the book you are reading; no matter how interesting that part of the book may be; no matter how much sleep you had the night before; the result is all the same. First you feel slightly drowsy.... Then the words all seem to kind of blur, or run together. And if you don't recognize your symptoms soon enough, then your head flops down on the table/desk, and you're seeing nothing but Zs.

Why is that? I have wondered. My older siblings found the same problem when they worked on science. Then, a few days ago, as I felt my eyes begin to droop over the electronics and resistors and direct and alternating currents in my science book, it came to me! They were using hypnoses! The people who wrote the science book must have found out a way to place the words in the lessons just so, so that as you read it, your head is gradually emptied of all other thoughts, and gently lured to sleep. Yet some how, in the midst of it all your half-consciousness, you can come away and still be able to tell others what you learned in science.
Those people who designed our textbooks are pretty smart, if you ask me! Therefore, beware of your science books!

P.S. For those who can not tell, this is meant purely in fun. There is nothing to support the thought that Science textbooks use hypnoses; therefore, read your science in peace! :)


Baking failure -2

This is a picture of a pesto-pizza. this is not the picture I was wanting to post; the picture I wanted to post was, unfortunately, deleted. Therefore, the only thing to do is to tell what the boring picture of a pizza has to do with the picture I am missing. The picture I am missing is of a beautiful donut-pizza. What is a donut pizza? It is simple; it is a pizza with a hole in its center. In order to make them, simply roll out the middle of the pizza-dough-crust extra-thin, and then try to separate pizza from pan. The result is a lovely donut-pizza. Since the picture of it was so sadly deleted, I will leave you with the explanation above, and the picture of a pizza-success.
I love hyphens..... :-)

From the notebook....

I was needing a post most dreadfully, so I hastily wrote up a poem. It is not fixed in anyway, and I have a feeling it is off beat, besides the fact that the last verse is in the "trying to find words to rhyme" stage. Therefore, I present you with this; an unpolished poem:

The snowbanks and snowdrifts,
Melt slowly out of sight.
All I can see now is dreary gray,
Like when day replaces night.

The black tree stumps look cold,
And every thing is harsh.
Gray and brown and black and white:
The colors of the month of March.

I see the smallest blade of grass,
Poking through the ground earth.
The news is quickly told around;
The house is full of mirth.

After that, a bud appears;
It be opens into a tulip,
Many plants follow its example,
'till tips of green,
Tips and tips and tips,
Can be seen.
Copyright/March 4, 2008