For want of words

I have nothing to say, so here is a happy picture of trees turning green....


Trusting God

Trusting God means that when every single plan I have made and every single hope I had comes crashing down around me, and every single fear comes alive; it is only because God has something greater, better, and more perfect in mind. And for me to protest against this is completely confusing. After all I am nothing, but He created the universe.


Fly Training

I have been discontented with my blog recently. Dis-contented, meaning I am not happy with the content. I have dappled in politics the tiniest amount, conducted interviews with the famed children's author Rodney Richards, and commented on science. Today, however, all of that changes.

Instead of a nice, sometime reliable, technical blog, I am going to post blow-by-blow descriptions of my newest hobby: fly training. I have often lamented that, although monkeys and zebras and mosquitoes are trained for circuses, the house-fly is often neglected. Therefore, I have determined to stand in the side-lines no longer. I have seen my duty and I will perform it aptly, by becoming a fly trainer.

So what exactly does this mean for my readers?

It means that I will post progress daily, including close-ups of my flies' latest stunts, and exclusive shots of their cheering comrades. I will choose the best of my performing flies and name him/her Fly of the Month. In order to boost the self-esteem of my flies, I will issue custom-made t-shirts for the flies, complete with the team logo on it. Eventually, I will be able to split up my flies into several teams and hold aerobatic contests.

In addition, I will dye my hair different colors to reflect my mood and therefore success of my fly training venture. For instance, if I am happy, I will dye my hair blue, and you will know that all is going well. If I am sad I will dye it red, and then of course you will know that I am either bothered by the lack of talent in, say, Sammy-fly, or bemoaning the loss of a now squashed Jerry-fly.

Finally, I will change my blog template to fushia pink and rename it, "Fleet of Flies." Perhaps, if I am especially successful, I will get my own reality TV show; however, I must think first of what is best for my flies.

Today seemed like a good day to start - it's April 1st.