The Amazing Adventures of College Girl

Background: My calculus class starts at 2:00 pm and is two hours long. Most classes are only one hour long, so at 3:00, halfway through class, the hallway outside is full of chatter and footsteps. And one more thing you need to know: my watch is is broken.

I had my first calculus test of the semester, and naturally, my instructor decided to make it two hours long. The test was 10 problems long, and I was working at a nice even pace. Suddenly, a loud chatter filled the hall, and I knew it was 3:00. An hour had sped by extremely fast, and I only had an hour to finish. My hand took off like a rocket, and my pencil rushed over the pages of the test, hoping to finish in time. 

Finally, I sighed with relief, convinced I had finished just a couple minutes early. I turned in my test, and walked out into the hall, where a large clock was fixed to the wall. It was 2:45. I had taken a 2-hr test in 45 minutes because I thought I was running out of time.

Moral of story: always fix your watch.