NaNo WriMo

Anyone else ever heard about NaNo-WriMo? It is a website designed for National Novel Writing Month. The idea is to write 50,000 words in one month - the month of November. My older sister convinced me that it would be a really fun thing if we did it at the same time, so I signed up for it, wondering what I had just gotten myself into.

It is now the 23 of November, and as yet, my word count reads barely 10,000, a whole 5th of the desired goal. As far as the novel itself goes - well, maybe it would be best to not mention too much about it.

First of all, I started with almost no plot. As I started writing, the plot began to grow in my mind, and I was very satisfied with the direction the story was taking. But then, my characters rebelled against this very basic plot, and all began to fall apart. As I mentioned above, I am a 5th of the way through the novel, and so far, no exciting actions have taken place, the flow is extremely choppy, and, worse, I am no where near touching upon the plot I had in my head.

So why am I wasting valuable time I could be using to write my novel by writing this dismal blog post?

Simply because, despite all the negatives I have encountered, I wouldn't miss the experience I've had, and I think I might be easily persuaded to do it again. My reasoning? Well, just wait until you have tried it yourself....

Excerpt from story:
"Sometimes one can't say all that he thinks," Jeremiah said. Roger turned just at that moment, abandoning a conversation he had jumped into.
"Can't say all that he thinks?" he said thoughtfully. "That's what Ruby, she's my wife, you know, is always telling me! She says, 'Roger,' she says, she always does call me Roger, 'Roger,' she says, 'sometimes it's better not to say what you think.' And I always say, 'but If I'm not to say what me thinks, than I'll be telling a lie!' and Ruby, she's my wife you know, she always says to me, she says, 'Roger, you don't have to say a word!'"
"Your wife is a very wise woman," Jeremiah said.

(c) copyright - November 2009 - Curious Cognitive Content.
(hint: Roger likes to talk.)



In the care instructions for a pot holder: "Iron on lowest setting as needed."
Two questions; first, why would anyone want to iron a pot-holder? And second, if it can't handle the highest temperature setting on an iron, how will it survive handling hot pans straight from the oven?