A Dance

I am sorry that the image quality is so bad.... The girl's dress is made out of a piece of shiny origami paper, in case you were wondering.


Thoughtful post

If it is very hot outside, then there is no way I can think.
It is very hot outside.
Therefore, I can not think.

It's a syllogism, and in my dehydrated state, I can only hope it makes sense. The only drawback to a syllogism is that sometimes the premise is wrong:

If cats can fly, then I am a pickle.
Cats can fly.
Therefore, I am a pickle.

The above syllogism is logical, but the result is obviously incorrect. At least I hope it is, otherwise I am a green condiment.


Piano Lessons

Little children and stuffed animals are invariably cute. Special thanks to Bernie, Eddy (left to right, back row), Mildred, and Buzz (front row) for posing at the piano.
And this week, I will really post on schedule (famous last words of every post from now on till September).