The Mushrooms

When the ground is moist and a warm breeze is blowing over the ground, an odd type of folk begin to grow out of the soil and in every sort of crevice of every sort of stone; folk with curly yellow hair, and wide-brimmed hats. If it sounds at all unusual, that's because it is: these people are mushrooms. I like wandering amongst them and imagining how they would act if they were truly alive.
This summer has been very wet. But where are my little friends hiding?


On the nature of my brain

I rather like to think that I have two blogs for two different sides of me. There is the one side of me that likes tackling math and investigating science and logic, and there is the side of me that enjoys music and art.

And in some ways, I am very correct to think this way, seeing as the division I have made draws a line through my brain, the math/science part of me being my left brain, and my art and music side being more right brain. Or was it the left brain that had musical awareness? I don't remember any more!

So here I am on my right-brain blog. It just so happens that I posted on my left-brain blog earlier today about a very special event that took place 40 years ago. And now my left-brain is overshadowing my right-brain by making it post on its blog as well about this very important anniversary.

All that to bring me to a point (but if this is not technically my left-brain blog, then does it matter if I do illogical rambling at times?): today is the 40th anniversary of the first Moon-walk. I have heard that moon-walking is a type of dancing in which you pretend to move forward, but actually move backwards. But this sort of Moon-walk had no pretense and actually did move us foward - hurtling forward into the century of space flight.

Sadly, there had not been as much space travel as there ought to be (in my left-brain opinion) due to its expensive nature, but NASA is planning on working towards a serious of missions to Mars, so that will be fun.

And here ends my left-brain monopoly and this right-brain muddle of a post.