Giant Volcanoes; three of them, or two rather, with a third to blow.

Giant Volcano one: The unpopulated region of America is fertilized by the eruption of a giant volcano. The volcano forms clouds; the clouds from rain that in turn falls to earth and collects in large bodies of water called oceans. This theory has been supported by various scientists, it not being my theory.

Giant Volcano two: wipes out the Mayan population in the Americas, causing the mysterious disappearance of the Mayan civilization. Fills sky with dark clouds that spark the Dark Ages in Europe. This is my theory; the biggest problem is that the dates don't seem to line up.

Giant Volcano three: Old Faithful, the geyser in Yellow Stone National Park. This fellow either hasn't blown yet, or was the one that blew in the two earlier instances. This theory is mixed; part of it is mine, part of it isn't.

Why I am thinking about volcanoes and how they could have affected the world, on this gloriously sunny spring morning with not a cloud in the sky, I don't know. I do know, though, that it is fun to be able to get out my speculation on here........


We had a visitor today. Actually, 3 or 4. They looked dignified as they strutted about the yard, pecking at the muddy, brown grass for food. Their blue-grey wings hung at their sides, and their red breasts were puffed out proudly. The delicate sound that came from between their yellow beaks announced their coming as something to be recognized with joy.
What were they trying to say?


A shocked well - and household

Our water source is an underground well. It is rich in minerals and nutrients, and tastes better than purified water in cities and neighbourhoods - except at a certain time of year. That certain time of the year happens to be spring. And here is the reason:
Every spring, we shock our well. This means pouring a gallon or so of bleach into the water of our well, and letting it circulate through all the hoses, sinks, bath tubs, toilets, etc. The reason? To purge our water of bacteria.
Here is the pattern:

DAY 1: Bleach water around sunset. Run water through sinks. Smell water. Wonder why it doesn't smell like bleach yet.

DAY 2: Run more water. Reel at the reeking smell of bleach. Circulate water through bathroom by taking shower. Compare the new scents created by various soaps mixed with bleach-water. Come out of shower with sense of smell blasted out of nose. Smell bleach in hair (when smell comes back) for the remainder of day. Water at this time is undrinkable.

DAY 3: Feel sick at the scent of bleach. Perhaps the scent is fading a little bit?

DAY 4: Depending on water usage, bleach may have been entirely flushed through. Or the house still reminds one of a laundry room.

DAY 5: Either water bears slight trace of bleach, or water clean and pure.

DAY 6: Water tastes good. If bleach-smell continues to this day, you have added too much bleach to well. Go buy a new one.

This is the cycle, if memory serves correctly. This is day 2, right now. It feels like day 50.