Astronomy Diversion

It's only been recently that I realized what a mix of things I had posted on this blog: stories, poems, silly things, serious things, space travel, etc. What it was considerably lacking, however, was astronomy.

Perhaps I didn't even notice this lack until an opportunity presented itself this morning. When I brought up the news today, I was thrilled to discover the headline: "Scientists find most massive star ever discovered." According to the article, scientists in the UK found a star (R136a1) believed to be approximately 265 times more massive than our sun, and which burns about 10 million times as brightly.

Because a star begins with all of the mass it will ever have, and slowly shrinks as it ages due to its "self-consumption" or burning of its components to sustain itself, even though R136a1 is the most massive star yet discovered, it was even more massive when it was first created.



The 4th of July, Independence Day, was this past week. Unfortunately, I was unable to write anything for the occasion, being temporarily without internet for about ten days. To be exact, I was in Connecticut with my sister.

Our catch phrase during the trip became "like home, but not home." In other words, Connecticut has aspects that aren't much different, and other aspects that are soooo not New York. For instance, we walked into a crowded Walmart and were beginning to feel right at home until we spotted a sign in the store advertising fireworks. Beneath, strange boxes of the combustible items were stacked neatly, ready for the average customer. As a native New Yorker, I have always viewed selling fireworks to just anybody as being against the law. Thus the Walmart there was "like home, but really not home."

Anyways, my trip to CT left me favourably impressed. The ocean we visited was stunningly beautiful, and if my camera batteries hadn't decided to die, I would have loaded my hard drive with so many pictures that my computer would have crashed. I saw two impressive displays of fireworks (which one can never take a picture of to do it justice), and I watched Toy Story 3 in 3D (my first 3D movie ever).

Now I really am home. It has been one of those hot, quiet afternoons in the middle of summer vacation that makes one feel as though something unexpected should happen - but unexpected thing rarely does come along - and I'm not convinced that such days are unpleasant things....