Science fiction story (of sorts)

My posts have been awfully silly lately, but I hope that will change as I start school again and become more serious. In the meantime, here is another silly post to grace the first page of my blog....
“Hullo, Peter!” Frank came in cheerfully.
“Oh, there you are, Frank! What have you been doing all morning?” Peter put aside his tools and looked up expectantly.
“I wrote a story!”
“That's nice.”
“I hope it will be a best-seller someday.”
“Really? You have to have a big audience, then.”
“Yeah; I'm a little afraid it won't sell that well. It's a science fiction book, you see, and only Greeks read those nowadays.”
“Greeks?” Peter asked.
“Yes. Listen to this first part:
When that spaceship first flew through space like a bird that takes to its wings and soars on the wind, many were the number of men who gazed upon it with wondrous awe. In particular was one, Jean Marcus, son of Paul Marcus, renowned for his piloting skills. So great was the legend of Paul Marcus that men held him long after his passing as the leader among pilots.
“But Frank -” Peter protested.
“Wait! There's more:
Jean Marcus knew the longing to follow after his father, and ever he pursued it as a fox that hungers will search on and on for food until at last he finds it. On that day as he saw the spaceship pass overhead, gradually fading into space as a twinkling star will fade in the morning when night has passed, he finally made his decision.
“'O Tyler, thou engineer, so skilled in the making of metal works, and unsurpassed in your understanding of mathematical equations, which some say the very universe is composed of; O Tyler, thou ever present friend, I have determined something.' Thus said Jean to his dearest friend, Tyler.
“'Ah, Jean, what is this -'”
“Hold on a moment, what sort of story is this?”
“I just told you! Hang on:
“'Ah, Jean, what is this strong determination of which thou speak so forcefully?'At these words, Jean expressed his desire, and even as he spoke, the tears came to his eyes as dew drops that fall on the rose petal, 'O Tyler, mine ever faithful friend, my determination is thus so firmly set that naught could move me to remain. If not for the sorrow I feel I may cause you at my going, I should have left long ere now. I shall away to that vast sea of space, that black sky that knows not mere clouds, but gaseous nebulae and great galaxies. Ah, Tyler! I shall sail in a space ship and follow after my father's steps, till I may even hope to rival him in his skill. And finally, I shall avenge his death that he died at the hands of our fierce-some foe!'”
“But Frank -”
“What?” Frank said, giving in with a sigh.
“Don't you mean geeks, not Greeks?”
“Uh.... It's, um....” Frank appeared flustered.
“Don't worry,” Peter said with a laugh, “I'm sure it will sell for it's originality. After all, I've never heard of a sci-fi story written in Greek prose before....”

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Ode to Ice Cream

Woke up this morning
with a terrible longing -
I wanted ice cream for breakfast,
Oh, chocolate ice cream!

Oh, ice cream sliding down my throat,
Feels like an antidote -
And, oh chocolate ice cream!

Pulled out that ice cream
But mom, she let out a scream
"Ice cream ain't healthy!
Now eat your cereal!"

And isn't it a shame,
but I know you're not to blame,
Oh, Ice cream.

Cereal is good for you, though
Mom, why did you have to know?
Ice cream tastes better,
Oh, chocolate ice cream.

And if you've got a bit of stealth,
Convince one of ice cream's health,
Oh, chocolate ice cream.

Ice cream's got dairy
And fruit if it is cherry,
Though chocolate's the one I want,
And chocolate's made of beans.

Ice cream has sugar, fat,
And we all need a bit of that,
Oh, chocolate ice cream!

Sweet, creamy ice cream!

Copyright - August 21, 2010 - Curious Cognitive Content