• Plants spring up out of the ground;
  • Clocks spring forward an hour;
  • The springs of water that run along the sides of the road spring up due to melting snow;
  • The smells of our septic tank spring up out of the yard;
  • The pollen springs up out of flowers,
  • And the tears spring to my eyes as a result;
  • Bugs spring out of everywhere;
  • And the temperature springs up and down.
Now I know why this season is called Spring.


A Post

I'm not sure if any of my dear readers are acquainted with Linux - and if they are, I doubt they know much about Unison. Unison is handy in file sharing. If you edit a document on one computer and run Unison, the changes will be made on all other computers holding that document. This program is essential to me. Especially sense I have no idea how long my (what is it, 8 years?) old laptop will last. All of this said to get to the point....

Last night as I lay in bed, I appeared a peaceful sleeper, breathing softly with not a care in the world. Little did people know the truth....

I was agitated and worried - my adrenaline levels extremely high. I was moving my hands as fast as I could, trying to get my stupid laptop to stop producing extra monitors, and trying to prevent my email from deleting all of my emails, and at the same time thinking that if I rebooted the computer, it would help a lot.

The major crisis, though, was that I had edited a long list of documents and had yet to run Unison! Apparently, rebooting the computer would delete all of those documents, and the changes I had made earlier would have been in vain. So I was trying to run Unison and it wouldn't work.
In desperation, I got dad and tried telling him the whole thing, but he wasn't listening!!! I told him I thought I had a virus, and he said, "It's Linux, not Windows" and that was all.

I awoke from the nightmare in a sweat and looked around my bedroom with sleepy eyes. A deep sigh, and a quiet resolve: I would be certain that I ran Unison today.

At breakfast, I told dad part of my dream. He said it sounded like my computer had a cancer with the way it was producing monitors. A computer with cancer could be very profitable.
Maybe so, but I'm still glad it was a dream. And I ran Unison today. :)